Worry About Your Edges: How to Restore and Prevent Hairline Hair Loss

By Tiffani Douglas

Learn how to re-grow and restore your edges after hair loss.

Edges are finicky. A thinning hairline can be an embarrassing and serious problem for many women. Balding or thinning edges are not limited to only women who wear tight braids or protective styles. Losing your edges can be attributed to a variety of issues that may include bad styling or chemical damage.

Re-growing your edges can be a process, and before attempting to treat or restore them, you should see a dermatologist and determine what type of hair loss you are experiencing.


What Causes Hair Loss around Our Edges


Traction alopecia, the most common type of hair loss, is gradual hair loss or thinning caused by consistent pulling of the hair. Note, this is different from androgenetic alopecia which is a genetic condition. Women who habitually wear their hair in the same tight styles like ponytails or braids are more susceptible to hair loss around the edges. The tension of these styles strains the hair follicles, which eventually weakens them and results in hair falling out.

Though traction alopecia is the main cause of hair loss around the edges for black women, there are many other health-related causes of hair loss including stress, hormone imbalances, and postpartum conditions like hypothyroidism. Additionally, conditions that cause unhealthy scalps like seborrheic dermatitis, iron deficiency, chronic diseases, genetics, and even pregnancy can lead to hair loss.


Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Edges


  1. Start with natural hair care products. Traditional products contain chemicals that can encourage hair loss. Natural black curly hair products like Curls Cashmere+Caviar Hair Bath, gently cleanses and moisturizes hair.


  1. Take hair vitamins. Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin promotes a healthy scalp and increases hair growth. Your edges will thank you!


  1. Give yourself scalp massages with Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment in areas where you may have already noticed hair loss. Massaging the oil into your scalp not only increases blood circulation, but it promotes hair growth too. A winning combination!


  1. While protective styles can give your hair a break, it’s important to find a stylist that doesn’t use adhesives around the hairline. You should also speak up if your hair style is giving you quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Even an improperly sized wig is enough to rub and cause damage to already delicate hair follicles.


  1. If you must slick down your edges, use Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Paste, which helps to stimulate and enhance hair regrowth around your edges.


  1. Sleep on satin pillowcases and don’t wear bonnets with tight elastic bands. Make sure your hair bonnet has a satin band inside.


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