Winterizing Your Curls: Establishing a Routine for the Cold Months

By Tiffani Douglas

Winterizing Curls: A Winter Hair Care Routine
When winter sets in, we take great steps toward protecting our assets from harsh winds and cold temperatures. However, we rarely consider how we should also winterize our curly hair.

Curly hair is very delicate and icy temps can spell disaster for kinky hair. Moving in and out of warm and cold temperatures can cause curls to dry out and become brittle. When it’s colder, drier and windier – the same routine may not work. Also, going outside with wet hair may not be an option depending on where you live.

A winter hair game that serves up intense moisture and hydration is just what you need to keep your curls slaying all winter long.

Your Winter Hair Game Plan

Co-washing is “Queen.” Don’t give up your crown to old man winter! When cleansing your curls in colder months, choose co-washing over shampooing to continuously add moisture to your hair, therefore, maximizing hydration. Even when you do shampoo, co-wash first and use shampoo to cleanse the scalp. Then, revive those second, third, fourth-day curls with Aloe & Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer.

Seal it up with natural oils. Add an extra layer of protection by sealing your ends. To lock in moisture and protect your hair from the elements, seal your hair by applying natural oil on top of your leave in conditioner. Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil works great to seal in moisture and guard your hair and scalp against dry winter air.

Deep condition…often. Cold air dries hair out quicker than you can say curl cream! Properly conditioning your curls is a must during colder months because it helps prevent breakage and strengthens your curls by consistently delivering proper nutrients and vitamins to your hair and scalp.

Deep condition your hair at least twice per month during the winter, but if it’s especially cold and dry, you might want to bump it up to three or four times a week. Pay attention and condition accordingly. Try the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask to ward off winter dryness.

More is more. Lastly, when styling or conditioning your curls, use more product than usual. Kinky hair is already dry and winter air with low humidity can spell disaster if you aren’t keeping your curls hydrated. It doesn’t hurt at all to add more hydrating kinky curly hair products to your hair. In fact, your hair will thank you!

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