If you are losing hair excessively, then you can consider the option of undergoing a hair loss surgery. Hair grows with a natural alignment. If you do not have hair growth for a considerable amount of time, then you can think of going in for a surgery. The surgeons will decide where they will make the required changes in the scalp and how they should go about doing it. They will need to determine the hair groupings and where they are positioned.

Hair loss surgery usually changes the hair orientation to a different shape. This will depend on how the slits are made for the development of hair growth. If the slit is lateral, then it allows a natural angle. Other slots may encourage the hair to grow in a different way. Some surgeons may feel that your hair needs to be replaced instead of slit in order to give a fuller look.

If you are considering having a hair loss surgery, then you need to ask the surgeon about the natural placement of your hair. They need to determine which way your hair will grow. They also need to figure out how to keep a right hair orientation. The right hair orientation helps you to look better.