Can hair straighteners cause damage to your curls? There are various aspects to it. Read on for an insight.

If you want the hair straighteners to work efficiently, the temperatures must be very high. Different hair texture will need different temperatures.

– Ordinary curly hair will need 160 degrees
Curly hair will need 180 degrees
– Very thick curly hair will need 200 degrees

At such high temperatures, you must use a good hair iron if you do not want your hair to be damaged. If you are using the iron on a regular basis, then you must apply ceramic hair oil. This ensures that your hair done not lose the moisture as a result of the heat. Do not think that only the most expensive hair straighteners are the best. Do your own research and find out the reviews doing its rounds. Similarly do not buy them from cheap auctions.

When you buy hair straighteners, you must see to it that it has pre-set temperature settings. If it has the Infra Red radiation produced from high temperature ceramic plates then nothing like it. These special plates help retain moisture in your hair. All said and done, you must not torture your hair too regularly with heat. Hair is sensitive and so you need to take care of it.