There is no point in getting a makeover and then going back to the same old look after a couple of months. Also, avoid using too much chemicals on hair. Shea butter is the natural fatty extract that is taken from the seeds of the shea tree that is found in West and Central Africa. Sheer butter moisturizes the scalp and helps treat damaged hair without blocking hair shafts.

It also protects hair from brittleness. It is made of nonsaponifiable fats, anti-inflammatory agents and Vitamin F. Unrefined shea butter is the least processed of all. The more you process it, the more will be the nutrient loss.

The nuts are cracked, grilled, pounded and then boiled till the butter rises to the surface. Then it is scooped up and cooled. You can massage shea butter into the scalp and hair in order to sooth irritation. The butter helps restore moisture too.

After applying, wrap your hair with a warm towel for half an hour and let it soak in. many swimmers apply it to their hair before diving into the pool in order to protect their hair from chlorine and salt. Shea butter can also be used on the skin to treat rashes, eczema, bruises and burns.