Using shampoo every day on your naturally curly hair can perhaps sometimes prove to be a bit too much for it. Excessive use of shampoos containing harmful chemicals may result in undesirable dryness and also make your hair frizzy. The problem can, in some cases, really get very irritating and unmanageable, at times.

On the other hand, doing away with the ritual of washing will not help your hair either. So what then is the way out? The key here is to use quality conditioner for cleaning curly hair type. We highly recommend to you the amazing Asian Hair Tea conditioner. This indeed is a magical combination of certified organic extracts as well as exotic emollients that come with vitamin packed botanicals. They effectively moisturize and condition your over worked curls.

This is a great product to strengthen and protect your curly hair. It’s an ideal conditioner that plays a vital role in combating the chilly winter winds and sizzling summer heat. The conditioner is a must have for those with coarse, dry and chemically treated hair greatly damaged due to lack of care and nourishment. For best results, ideally employ it with Heat Therapy Wrap from Curls.

In fact, this one will prove to be a great leave in as well. You may opt to apply a good amount of Curl Ecstasy, after cleansing and conditioning your hair -section by section- and then scrunch and let them dry. It will make your charming curls pop and grab everyone’s attention much to their envy!