If you want to define curls with extra touch of softness, sheen, and moisture plus an enhanced soft natural hold, Curl Soufflé is just right for you. This is a great product that offers your curls complete protection as it guards them against the elements.

The Curls Soufflé textured cream is ideal for the purpose of defrizzing, defining and holding your curls even while soaking and locking in moisture. It is perfect for slightly thicker hair texture (3c -4b).

Apply it evenly and with care – section by section – for the best possible results. This is a special hair care product that acts as gel substitute with equal efficiency and works wonderfully well to smooth those edges and/or your slick hair into a proper protective style. It keeps them smooth and shining.

Next, we recommend to you a cute Curly Q Milkshake. This is ultra light, really creamy lotion that will effortlessly hydrate your amazing angel’s curls. The end result will be silky and absolutely frizz free tresses that you will be proud of.

The product is created from original and certified organic juice of Aloe Leaf plus pure coconut as well as sweet almond milk, all finely mixed to prepare this truly delectable delight. Applying Curly Q Milkshake as advised will relax your poofy, curly hair, naturally and thoroughly.