The best way to nurture and enhance the beauty of curly hair is to simply crunch them carefully in the palms of your hands with good moisturizing conditioner as well as leave-in conditioner. This will ensure that the curl pattern of your hair remains intact.
Do nothing as such that will separate hair strands from those groupings of strands, which are coiled, since this can result in major problems, harming your hair. These problems are commonly referred to as ‘poof’ or ‘frizz’.

Frizzy hair is a contention, which parents of young children with all different types of hair (not just curly), are made to deal with. Some children even show certain patches of hair, which seem to frizz even while the rest of the hair will not.

Always make use of a moisturizing shampoo and then follow it up with a deep conditioner. A leave in conditioner will also do. The best way of making a choice between the leave-in and the deep conditioner is to work out the best application for your child. You might need an expert’s advice to determine this.