For some people washing their hair daily is like an obsession. But this is a very bad practice especially if you have coarse curly hair. Every day washing will strip your hair of its natural oils. It also damages your hair to a great extent. These natural oils maintain the health of the hair. Unless you have very oily hair, you must avoid washing your hair daily. This strips all natural oils from the hair.

If you have an oily hair, you can still afford to shampoo regularly. But if your hair is already dry and frizzy, then excessive use of shampoo will make it look like a bird’s nest. The days that you do not wash your hair, you can apply conditioner. This will help you get your frizz under control. You need to avoid any product containing silicone. Opt for a sulphate free shampoo. Run away from hair dryer. You will look like mad. Instead try and dry your hair naturally as frequently as possible. Once dry, you can put your head down and shake your curls for extra volume. You must not tie your hair in a towel when wet. This will only lead to excess frizz.