It is best to get into the shower for washing your hair. If you try to do it in the sink, chances are that you will get a back ache and not be able to rinse your hair properly. You can start by removing any traces of leave in conditioner. Take a dollop of shampoo in your hand and put it in your scalp. Do not bother to put it on the ends of your hair as it will get cleansed any way when you wash the scalp. Make sure that you do not mix your hair all over. This way, the hair gets tangled and it is difficult to manage it later.

It may be that during the first round of shampoo, you will not find much leather. This is because your hair is dirty and the shampoo is trying to remove it. Rinse you hair and then repeat it. You need to remove excess water by running your hands down from the top of your head. Do not pull. Dry your hair with a towel and apply a thick conditioner. You can keep the conditioner for sometime and then wash it. You may also opt for a leave in conditioner if your hair is too unmanageable.