Very curly hair need unique care and attention, which is very different and one of its own than that needed for normal hair type! (such as African-American hair).

In particular, one should not brush this hair type because it can give away and break easily. It is best to employ a pick, or a wide-toothed comb, to lift this hair type into desired shape. It is best to moisturize this hair type. This includes sleeping in a cap, which helps in holding on to moisture and also preventing any breakage.

Indeed, not just curly hair type by any other will benefit from proper hair care regime on a periodic basis. Here are some more useful tips for curly hair type:

1.    Leave in conditioner is indeed very beneficial for this particular hair type
2.    Often oils are used as well like Jojoba Oil. This is carrier oil and closely mimics sebum.
3.    Avoid using essential oils, or oils, which have an aroma.
Avoid rough handling of curly hair, and be tender!