If you have dry, frizzy hair, be it curly or straight, and you have to head out to some place important but do not have enough to visit a salon to get your hair fixed then you need to get a hair therapy wrap for yourself. Hair Therapy Wrap is a really effective and useful hair remedy that conditions your hair and makes it softer and smoother than before.

Hair therapy wrap consists of a cap with a mixture in it that works on your hair when you wear it on your head. These wraps come in different styles and colors but generally, all hair therapy wraps have a common working mechanism.

Steps to Use a Hair Therapy Wrap

  1. Heat your hair therapy wrap in the microwave for some time.
  2. When you are done heating it, you should place the plastic cap that comes with the hair therapy wrap on your head.
  3. Then fix the hair therapy wrap on top of the plastic cap and make sure that its tail portion is facing your back.
  4. Then, twist the tail part on the base of your neck so that it does not move and stays firm on your head.
  5. Secure that tail on your wrap’s top using the hook and loop on it.
  6. Place the cap on your hair for the time mentioned on the wrap’s pack and after that take it off and wash your hair.

Things to Remember while Using a Hair Therapy Wrap

You should avoid overheating the gel pack that comes with your hair therapy pack so the gel in it does not explode. In addition, care should be taken that the gel pack does not rupture or comes in close contact with flames. This can destroy the ingredients of the gel and ruin your hair therapy wrap.


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