Young girls and women who have curly hairstyles need to take special care to prevent hair damage that may happen owing to frizzy and dry hair, split ends or some other problem. This may well arise because of wrong diet followed or the fact that your curly hair may not get required moisture.

• Use moisturizers since it is one of the most common and peculiar problems encountered with curly hairstyles.
• Essentially, you should check the shampoo as well as conditioner to make sure the ingredients will help moisturize the hair well.
• Gently rub moisturizing conditioner into your curly hair. Then wait for a couple minutes or so and wash it out. This will help you attain the best possible conditioning for your hair from your conditioner. Ideally, try a deep conditioner at least, once a month.
• Always make it a point to avoid using hair dryers. This is a very crucial tip for those with curly hair. Letting your hair dry up naturally would stop them from getting frizzy.
• Avoid vigorous brushing or harsh rubbing of your hair with a towel. Rather pat or dab them with it if needed.
• Care for curly hair can include styling products, which are specially designed for this hair type. Go for reputed and leading brands.
• Brushing should include toothed combs (preferably, wide toothed combs). However, avoid using them on wet hair. Tangled curly hair can be cared for and managed with a gentle touch of our fingers or applying a wide toothed comb.