Caring for your baby’s hair is not as difficult as it sounds. Generally, African American children have quite thick, hard and convoluted ringlets that have a parched texture; because of this dryness, this hair type needs to be handled with a lot of care. Many useful ethnic baby hair care products can aid you in managing your little one’s hair and can help you transform the wiry curls into softer and beautiful ones.

Ethnic Baby Hair Care Products

You can find scores of artificially manufactured hair care products in the market but not all of them would benefit your baby’s hair the way you expect them to do. Here are some wonderful ethnic baby hair care products that would undoubtedly affect your child’s kinky hair positively.

Wide-tooth Comb or a Brush with Soft Bristles:

Never use a hairbrush on your baby’s hair, as a brush does not do any good to curly hair. Use a wide-tooth wooden comb instead; it smoothens your kid’s hair and also makes it softer with time. Moreover, in case, you are unable to find a wide-tooth comb, you can use a brush that has extremely soft bristles.

Olive, Almond, Mustard and Coconut Oil:

Oil is arguably the best friend of your hair, be it curly or straight. Kinky hair is dry and needs a big supply of nutrients and moisture to make it stay supple and shiny; and oil does just the trick. Olive, almond, mustard and coconut oils are packed with vitamins that nutrition your baby’s hair and keep it hydrated. With regular oiling, soon your child’s coarse curls will become smooth and velvety soft. Remember to oil your kid’s hair half an hour before washing it and whenever you oil it; leave the oil on for about 40-60 minutes.

These are two extremely helpful and effective ethnic baby hair care products that would show better results compared to synthetic hair care goodies.


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