According to traditional Chinese medicine, loss of hair can be a signal of weakness in the liver or kidneys or some kind of blood deficiency. Chinese hair care products offer special nutrition to the organs that result in loss of hair. There are numerous ways that Traditional Chinese medicine handle the problem of hair loss. Some methods are given below.

Acupuncture help to treat the kidneys. Healthy kidneys lead to healthy hair. Tincture is an oil that has Echinacea root, nettles, rosemary, birch leaves, burdock root and various other essential oils. This leads to a proper flow of blood that further lead to growth of hair. Black sesame seeds are good for the kidneys. Chinese herbs like Ho Shou Wu and Shu Dihuang are the most commonly available herbs that help in increasing the kidney yang.
Shou Wu, is an important ingredient of that is used in treating the thinning of hair.

You will also find particular products like Bawang Chinese herbal shampoo and conditioner that is used for treating loss of hair. It not only helps in eliminating dandruff and hair loss but it also help rejuvenate the scalp leaving it soft and shiny.