No matter what kind of hair you are blessed with, there are many things that you can do that will keep your hair healthy and lustrous. The basic place to start is your diet. You must include green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits in your diet. Dairy products are also important. Spices like cumin, black pepper and turmeric are friendly to hair. You will need to cut down on fruits that are canned or processed..

Stress is a deterrent to healthy growth of hair. It can damage both the color and texture of hair. So minimize stress levels as much as you can. Stay away from harsh chemicals as they can be really harmful to your hair. It is better to use hair products that have herbal extracts.

Massage your scalp with warm oil at least once a week. Keep it on overnight and then wash it off. Avoid blow drying as heat is damaging to the hair. Trim your hair at regular intervals to avoid split ends. Brush your hair in all directions to enhance the blood circulation in your scalp.