Keep your hair clean if you want them to have a healthy shine. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Be cautious of product that claim to shampoo as well as condition your hair. Shampoo cleans the dirt in your scalp. Conditioner smoothes your hair. So make sure that you use two of them separately.

Another very important factor for having healthy hair and skin is a healthy balanced diet. Avoid fatty and sweet foods. They lead to a toxic build up in the body that can cause hair to be dull and unhealthy. You need to drink plenty of water and follow a proper exercise routine.

Try and avoid using gels and sprays on your hair. It suffocates the hair. It would be best if you could always air dry your tresseses. Warm hair damages hair follicles. If you still feel that there is some problem with your hair, then do not neglect it. Simply visit an expert and seek his or her guidance.