The thyroid gland is one of the chief endocrine glands in your body. It controls bodily functions like how the body burns energy and how it makes proteins. The thyroid gland creates various hormones in order to adjust these functions.

Hair typically grows in three stages – the anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the dormant phase. When a person experiences hypothyroidism – a thyroid deficiency disease – the mechanism that controls the growth of hair loses its balance and finally shuts down. A faulty thyroid can force the hair follicles to remain in the latent or the dormant phase for unlimited periods of time. This leads to late hair growth and ultimate loss of hair.

Loss of hair due to hormonal imbalance must be taken seriously. You need to consult a good dermatologist. The expert will conduct various tests to determine the exact cause of hair loss. Once the cause is identified, treatment needs to be started soon. In fact you must also try alternative treatment if the problem persists. At times hair loss can occour even due to thyroid drugs as a thyroid hormone replacement. Make sure you are not being under treated either. This is a serious issue and needs prompt attention.