A good way to ensure that your naturally curly hair stay healthy and look beautiful is to wash your hair correctly. It sounds shocking and weird but people actually make a lot of mistakes while washing their hair; and this is exactly what destroys their hair. Make sure that you do not make the following mistakes while washing your naturally curly hair.

Mistakes to Avoid while Washing Curly Hair

  • Piling your Hair on the Top of Your Head: A lot of us have the habit of piling our hair on our head while washing them; like the way it is shown in commercials. It is actually the wrong way of washing your hair. When you pile up your hair, it tends to tangle more and then breaks more too. Instead, you should keep your head in a downward direction while washing your hair and let the waters run down the length of your hair. This reduces the chances of hair getting tangled up.
  • Using the Wrong Shampoo: Buying a shampoo that is advertised the most or that your friends recommend is not the correct way to choose a shampoo for your hair. First you should get to know your hair type and then pick a shampoo that is designed for it. Also, avoid shampoos that contain heavy and harsh chemicals like sulphates as they destroy the hair and also weigh down naturally curly hair.
  • Not conditioning your curls: Curly haired people often make the mistake of not conditioning their curls after shampooing them. Naturally curly hair generally lacks enough moisture to keep the curls soft and smooth, which is why you need to condition it to supply it with sufficient amount of moisture. Hence, whenever you shampoo your hair, follow it by deep conditioning and be certain that you choose a conditioner according to your hair type.


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