People with Curly hair believe that there is no hairstyle which would work for them because of the extreme tangles and dryness they face. Also, curly hair is often uncontrollable. However, these people do not know how jealous the people with straight hair are. They spend day and night trying to curl their hair, something that comes naturally to people with curly hair. So, try to make the most of your curly hair by styling them the way you want to.

In order to avoid split ends, which ruin the look of curly hair, try to get a haircuts within 3-4 weeks every time. This will give a neat and natural look to your curly hair and you might just not even want to style them. However, when it comes to styling, curly hair looks great if they are shoulder length or a bit below. Try to achieve this look by getting a “Layered” haircut. To make a curly layered hair look gorgeous, use hair serum to smooth them out and give them an extra shine.

If you have a long curly hairstyle, try to not brush at all. You could use your fingers slowly to untangle them or style however you like it. In addition, never sleep with long, wet hair as it is likely to give you a bird nest instead of hair in the morning.

Short curly hairstyles are very much in vogue these days. You could either try a Pixie, Crop or even a Razor cut. You can tame short curly hair with sea salt sprays. They tend to provide a great texture and help reduce tangles. An amazing tip is to use gels or hair products as such for short curly hairstyles in order to maintain their shape, giving them a complete glamorous and chic look.


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