That’s Not Right – 5 Curly Hair Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By Tiffani Douglas

Stop Making These Curly Hair Mistakes


You’re doing it wrong! Your hair – you’re making some common curly hair care mistakes that could be costing you extra time and money. Though it’s always been there, right beneath your relaxers and pressed hair, natural hair is still a fairly new “hair situation” to many. It seems the natural hair care game changes daily, but there are still staple curly hair care tips to swear by in order to keep your curls in tip-top shape.

Yes, We Know…Curly Hair is Delicate

Time and time again we hear how delicate and fragile curly hair is, but this message can’t be stressed enough when it comes to caring for your curls.

The curlier and coily-er it is, the harder it is to love and love on because it’s harder for natural oils to travel to the ends which causes kinky hair to dry out faster. We are all learning though – one article, YouTube video and curlfriend at a time.


So, what mistakes are you making that could be harming your tender tresses? Let’s find out!


5 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Curly Hair Care Routine 

  1. Bad curly hair care products. There’s no excuse now. Even if you don’t know everything, most curlfriends know they should be using quality curly hair care products – I mean the ones without sulfates, alcohol, silicones or parabens. These chemicals can ruin curly hair, dehydrate it and weigh it down. When creating a hair care regimen, check the labels for these bad guys and avoid products that contain them. Consider the Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection for gentle ingredients that won’t harm afro hair.

  1. Wash day, er’day. Another curl joy stealer is over cleansing. Washing your hair too much can strip your curls of natural oils and cause it to become dry and brittle. It’s tough enough for those natural oils to lubricate your coils, but constantly washing them away will make matters worse. Depending on your hair type, cleansing once per week should suffice, but if you must wash your hair more than once per week, try co-washing with a super moisturizing conditioner.

  1. Err conditioning. If your curls are not being properly and regularly conditioned then you really aren’t doing this natural hair care thing right, but to err is human, right? Keeping your curls conditioned is the secret to success. You should have a good variety of curly hair care products that condition and moisturize at all times. Try adding a deep-conditioning hair mask to your weekly hair care routine, like Cashmere+Caviar Hair Masque.

  1. Hot, not so hot hair. Chemically treated and heat-styled hair are two big no-no’s when you are trying to maintain healthy, natural hair. If a chemical process is performed incorrectly, or if styling tools are set too hot, these methods can destroy the curl pattern you’ve worked so hard to nurture and leave your hair looking not so hot. Give your natural hair a break from intense chemicals and heat. Instead, try hair care products that work with your curls rather than against them.

  1. You don’t use protection. Not protecting your hair at night is perhaps where we all go wrong when it comes to curly hair care. After a long day we are sometimes just too tired to care but protecting your hair at night can save you a lot of heartache in the morning. Cotton is not the fabric of our lives curlfriends! It acts as sandpaper to sensitive curls, absorbing your hair’s natural oils. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or wrap your hair with a silk scarf, then pineapple and chill!


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