Among various kinds of hair, curly hair are the most difficult to take care of. Of course, you love the bouncy ringlets when they brush against your cheeks, but let’s accept it, when it comes to caring for them at the end of a day spent at the beach, nothing can be a bigger nightmare. Biracial hair is usually a genetic pass-on among people who have had one parent with extremely curly hair and one with straight hair. Therefore, biracial strands usually fall somewhere in between but have to be tended for with as much care as the curly ones.

If you have ever had a bad hair day while untangling those curls, you will be well versed with many problems that are characteristic of biracial hair. Even though no one is ever completely happy with how their hair looks and feels, the mere texture and natural styling of this hair type makes it hard to tend to them. Frizzy, tangled and dull are some of the most common complaints that women have with their curls when they long for them to be tamed for the extravagant office party next week. However, what you need to remember is that women with limp hair would kill to have curls like yours and all you need to do is get products that make caring for biracial hair a piece of cake.

Experts usually recommend a 4-step regime that is especially designed for biracial hair care so that the curls remain glossy, frizz-free and bouncy all day long.

• Cleanse with a sulfate free cleanser
• Condition with a deeply nourishing conditioner
• Moisturize with an oil-rich moisturizer
• Style away!

So the next time you feel your hair is getting in the way of a fun evening, follow these easy 4 steps with Curls nutritious hair products to get those to-die-for bouncy curls.


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