If you have always had curly hair, then you know how unmanageable it can become especially during the summer. That is probably one of the reasons that people with curly hair choose to straighten their hair. Here are few tips that will help you tame your curls.

•    Do not shampoo your hair regularly. Shampoos have a tendency to strip the hair follicles of natural oils. You can use a shampoo that is rich in Vitamin B12. Conditioning your hair is the key to control frizz. A good leave in conditioner will keep your hair hydrated and in control.
•    Avoid blow drying your curls. Use a wide toothed comb or small hair claws while dealing with knots and tangles. If you are blow drying, then it is best to use a roller brush. You can gently roll the brush while blow drying on a medium setting. You can also opt for a paddle brush.
•    The more chemicals you can avoid, the better for you. Chemicals dry up the hair shaft. And if your curls are already on the drier side, then you can well imagine how frizzy they will become with chemicals.

Take proper care of your hair and watch it bounce with health.