Curly hair is more prone to damage than straight hair as it is extremely dry and frizzy in nature. Taking care of curly hair is a more complicated task than taking care of straight hair. To keep frizzy curls under control, you will need to restrain the number of times you put shampoo on your hair. You need to lock the moisture content in your hair. So you will need to invest in a thick conditioner. It is best to apply a leave in one. Avoid thin toothed combs as they tend to damage the hair further. Do not comb wet hair as they tend to get tangled fact.

To control frizz, it is essential that you do not rub your hair dry with a towel. Leave it open to dry naturally. At max you can blot it with a towel. Use hair products that are made for curly hair. Avoid touching your hair too much as too much friction can result in creating tangles in your hair. Above all, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want healthy hair.