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Superfood Treatments Your Hair Regimen is Missing

Superfood Treatments Your Hair Regimen is Missing By Tiffani Douglas We know that nutritionally dense foods are great for our overall health, but did you know that superfoods are also great for your curls? Superfoods, or nutrient-rich foods that are super good for you, are chock full of vitamins [...]

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Go Green with Your Curl Routine [Infographic]

Go Green with Your Curl Routine [Infographic] It’s 2019 and we’re evolving. Whether you are wavy, curly, or kinky, CURLS Green Collection is about TREATMENT not TEXTURE to take your hair care to the next level. With completely-vegan, good-for-you ingredients, along with ethical manufacturing practices - our collection solves your [...]

Graying with Natural Hair: Here’s What to Do

Graying with Natural Hair: Here’s What to Do By Tiffani Douglas   It’s a fact that eventually, we’re all going gray. Whomp, whomp! The good news is you can gray gracefully when you understand how your hair changes. Also, turning to the best curly hair products as you are transitioning [...]

Protecting Your Edges Doesn’t Have to be Difficult…

Falling Edges is a sad truth that many face.  For most, our edges grew frail as children, often wearing tight braids or ponytail styles.  Today, start protecting your edges. We'll help you learn how. With so many styling options to choose from today, it can be very tempting to try [...]

Are Daughters Now Empowering Their Mothers to Wear Naturally Curly Hair?

          Newly natural curlies are popping up at every twist and turn and everyone has different reasons for taking the curly route and different questions to get them through the journey. After receiving so many questions regarding curly hair, the most popular question I receive is,” What are the [...]

Create a Custom Hair Regiment to Jump Start Your Hair Goals on the Right Foot

  Start by answering these questions to determine your greatest needs for your custom hair regiment:   Do I want to grow my hair or maintain my current length and style? How healthy is my hair and how healthy do I want it to be? How much time am I [...]

There Are a Few Things You Can Do To Protect Your Curls When Traveling. Do You Know Them?

         Traveling for many miles on the airways can leave you feeling thirsty, fatigued, and sweaty; all symptoms of jet lag.  That is due to one contributing force; dehydration.  Do you know that the humidity levels inside the aircraft begin around 12% and in flight decrease to roughly 2% [...]

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