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Curly Hair Care — How To Give Your Hair Extra TLC At Home

During these crazy times, we are obliged to stay at home as much as possible. Most establishments are closed until further notice, and that includes our favorite salons. Although curly hair care is essential (at least to us), we can’t exactly go to our hairstylist for health and safety [...]

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7 Must-Try Tips For Growing Natural Hair

Having trouble growing your natural hair?  Does everybody else seem to grow hair quicker compared to you? You're not alone in your struggle. Many women have hair that seems very difficult to grow due to the diversity of hair textures and styling manners. Some have strong curls that [...]

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How to Build an Organic Hair Care Regimen

How to Build an Organic Hair Care Regimen By Tiffani Douglas Whether you’re a long time naturalista or a new curlfriend, properly caring for your hair starts with building an organic hair care regimen. When implementing a curly hair care regimen, it’s important to first define your goals, then choose [...]

They So Shady…What’s in Other Hair Care Products that Could be Killing Your Curls

They So Shady…What’s in Other Hair Care Products that Could be Killing Your Curls By Tiffani Douglas Since becoming a curly girl, it's no doubt that you have advanced your education about natural hair care products by leaps and bounds. By now you know what works for you and what [...]

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How to KNOW and MASTER Your Curls with CURLS!

How to KNOW Your Curls with CURLS!!! by Janelle Sands Did you catch CURLS CEO, Mahisha Dellinger on THE REAL??? Here is the full episode where she and the full cast, get to KNOW what waves, curls and kinks are ALL about!  Can't the full video here: Did you [...]

Best Moisturizer for Curly Hair

  Best Moisturizer for Curly Hair Say goodbye to dry, lifeless and dead curls.  Enhance your curly hair tendrils with a power packed moisturizer to revive elasticity, bounce and shine!  Using the best moisturizer on a consistent basis WILL give your less than luxurious hair, the edge it has been [...]

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