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Did you Miss CURLS #CURLSchat? Here’s the RECAP!

Did you Miss the #CURLSChat this week?  Well, Here's the RECAP!So We Asked, and the CURListas Answered!And 452 comments later, here we are!  Sounds like you all have been there, up the hill, around the corner, and back on your natural hair journey.... and lived to tell it!Thanks for all [...]

Create a Custom Hair Regiment to Jump Start Your Hair Goals on the Right Foot

  Start by answering these questions to determine your greatest needs for your custom hair regiment:   Do I want to grow my hair or maintain my current length and style? How healthy is my hair and how healthy do I want it to be? How much time am I [...]

Advice For Curly Hairstyles

No matter how gorgeous your curls are, they really need to be taken care of. Some people get their hair permed artificially with the help of curling irons and chemicals. Those curls need to be taken extra care of. If you live in a place which has dry weather, you [...]

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