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Taking Care of your Hair Under There with @ulovemegz!

Need Some Ideas for "Taking Care of Your Hair Under There?"  By Janelle Sands    We've got more tips and tricks for you on how to PERFECT your "hair under there" routine! First, you have got to check out this video by @ulovemegz, below.  She perfectly shows you how she achieves [...]

Taking Care of Your Hair Under There – THE FINALE!!!!

The Final Step: The Takedown Procedure By Janelle Sands, CURLS Educator   The Take Down Procedure is the last and final step of the "Taking Care of Your Hair Under There" Routine. You have already learned about the Pre-Install, Install, Under There Maintenance, Extension Care and Styling steps from previous blog posts.  Now, we are [...]

Taking Care of Your Hair Under There – Step #2: The Install

Need Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair Under There?  Here's How! Part #2 The Install By Janelle Sands, CURLS Educator   Tender, love and care is needed throughout the entire process of wearing hair extensions.  You've just learned about the first step, the Pre-Install and now you are ready for the [...]

Taking Care of Your Hair Under There – It’s a Movement!

Taking Care of Your Hair Under There CURLS wants to help you care for your hair under there! It's a MOVEMENT!!!! We are in support of the fact, that today CURListas all over are utilizing their options. I think we all agree that: Yes, we are natural! Yes, we LOOOOVe our [...]

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