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I Got 99 Problems But Beach Hair Ain’t One!

I Got 99 Problems But Beach Hair Ain’t One By Tiffani Douglas Departing cold, harsh winters and moving straight to sun and sand can be tough on your curls, so packing the right hair care products for your spring vacay is essential to keeping your curls poppin’! To keep your [...]

Did you Miss CURLS #CURLSchat? Here’s the RECAP!

Did you Miss the #CURLSChat this week?  Well, Here's the RECAP!So We Asked, and the CURListas Answered!And 452 comments later, here we are!  Sounds like you all have been there, up the hill, around the corner, and back on your natural hair journey.... and lived to tell it!Thanks for all [...]

Did you Catch CURLS at CURLFEST?

Did you Catch CURLS at CURLFEST? If not, we're here to catch you up with this photo blog post from the CURLS perspective!!!  We had some amazing elements at the CURLS Luau like flowers, popsicles and products galore!!!!  Plus our amazing CURLS Girls.  Speaking of which, our beautiful Jasmine @frecklesmeetscurls [...]

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Taking Care of Your Hair Under There – #1 The Pre-Installation

How to Have "Healthy Hair Under There" Step #1: The Pre-Installation By Janelle Sands   Before you cover your crown with another crown, treat it!   Wearing your hair in extension styles is one of the BEST ways to lengthen, thicken and enhance the condition of your CURLS!  So, make [...]

The Blueberry Collection, NOW at Target!

  It’s a Celebration for CURListas! The Blueberry Collection Comes to Target   CURListas have wondered, asked, hoped and begged and now, finally the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly and Twist N Shout Crème will be accessible at select Target Stores!   It’s official; starting NOW, you can visit select [...]

The Hair Story

Hair is one of the crucial elements of our appearance – be it straight or curly. If we want to look good then it is essential that we take proper are of our hair. We must learn to pamper our hair totally. There are so many things that you can [...]

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