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Did You Miss CURLS, at the World Natural Hair Show?

Did You Miss CURLS, at the World Natural Hair Show???? By Janelle Sands I hope you did not!  But listen, if you did, that's okay! This is a no judgement zone! Whether or not you were there, you won't want to miss this EPIC recap through the eyes of CURLS! [...]

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Losing Your Curls

You will lose some of your hair. It is a healthy process as it enhances the growth of new hair. This is a normal hair growth cycle. But if your hair falls at a rate faster than it grows, then it is a matter of concern for you. Your hair [...]

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Differences in hair types

The human race can be divided into various ethnic groups. The ethnicity can be basically divided into three categories - Asian, Caucasian and African. The characteristics of the hair fibre vary depending on the ethnicity. Caucasoid hair will have an oval cross-section that will result in straight hair or loose [...]

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