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Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is a common problem nowadays. There are various reasons why your hair can break. Here are some of them. •    Hair can break if you have skin diseases like scleroderma or discoid lupus erythematosus. •    Hormone imbalance is a major reason for your hair breakage. If there is [...]

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Hair care for men

You can follow a simple yet thorough hair care routine to keep your mane looking great. Since men hair is usually shorter than women’s hair, it is easier to keep it clean. You need to choose a shampoo that will clean your hair and remove all grime from it. Use [...]

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Hair restoration techniques for your curls

There are many techniques for hair restoration. You will need to choose the one that your are comfortable with. It is very important to choose the right treatment. Even if you are losing hair due to hereditary reasons, there are products that can help you in restoring your hair. There [...]

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Hair Care During Summer

Just like winter can spoil your hair, so can the harsh summer. You will have to follow certain tips to protect your hair from damage. As summer approaches, you will face a variety of problems with your hair like split ends and dry hair. Follow the tips below for healthy [...]

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Quick Daily Hair Care Tips

Some of us are obsessed with our hair. We can go to any extent to ensure that our hair is in good shape. But a majority of people are careless about it. They are so much caught up with the daily rigors of life that they do not find any [...]

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