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Curly Hair Types: 4 Different Ways of Refreshing Your Curls

We all want frizz-free and bouncy hair that’s full of life.  A  great hair day, after all, contributes a lot to our confidence. But sometimes our perfectly styled curls can betray us early in the morning, especially when they look misshapen or limp when we get out of bed! [...]

5 Need-to-Know Tips on Trimming Curly Hair

With everything going on in our lives, it’s getting harder to catch up with time-consuming salon appointments. Plus, it can be costly to get your hair cut by a professional, especially if you’ve put yourself on a tight budget. So what do you do when trimming curly hair is [...]

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Curly Hair Style – Faux Hawk

Wanna Faux-Hawk Hairstyle? All you need is to separate your hair in 4 to 5 sections and gather them in the middle of your head, secure them with an elastic band and use bobby pins to position the hair to appear lie a Mohawk. So Who’s trying this?     [...]

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Styling Your hair Virtually

Virtual Hair styling is a facility where you can style your hair online and choose the hairstyle that suits you the best. You can choose a variety of hair style depending on your face cut and skin tone. You do not have to get that hair cut in real life. [...]

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