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Hair Care During Summer

Just like winter can spoil your hair, so can the harsh summer. You will have to follow certain tips to protect your hair from damage. As summer approaches, you will face a variety of problems with your hair like split ends and dry hair. Follow the tips below for healthy [...]

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Quick Daily Hair Care Tips

Some of us are obsessed with our hair. We can go to any extent to ensure that our hair is in good shape. But a majority of people are careless about it. They are so much caught up with the daily rigors of life that they do not find any [...]

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Common Scalp Problems

The scalp is different from the skin on the body as it has a rich supply of grease along with hair follicles. Lets look at some common scalp problems •    Lice in your scalp make it itchy and totally mess up your hair. The moment you realize that you have [...]

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Thyroid And Hair Loss

The thyroid gland is one of the chief endocrine glands in your body. It controls bodily functions like how the body burns energy and how it makes proteins. The thyroid gland creates various hormones in order to adjust these functions. Hair typically grows in three stages – the anagen phase, [...]

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Hormonal Imbalance And Hair Loss

Hormonal imbalance is a critical reason for loss of hair in individuals. Specially in women hair loss is caused majorly due to hormonal imbalance. Hair loss related to hormones happens when there is an excess of the testosterone hormone. The extra testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme called [...]

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Aromatherapy For Your Curls

Aromatherapy generally involves the use of essential oils to treat different diseases of hair. The essential oils that are used in aromatherapy are highly concentrated extracts of various parts of the numerous plants like the flowers, bark, leaves and roots. There are various essential oils that prevent hair loss. They [...]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Hair Loss

According to traditional Chinese medicine, loss of hair can be a signal of weakness in the liver or kidneys or some kind of blood deficiency. Chinese hair care products offer special nutrition to the organs that result in loss of hair. There are numerous ways that Traditional Chinese medicine handle [...]

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Make Your Curls Grow Faster

You cannot make your hair grow overnight. There is no quick fix available that will achieve the impossible. On an average the growth rate is only half an inch per month. However there are things that you can do to boost the growth of your hair. Given below are few [...]

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Herbs and Curls

Herbs have often helped in maintaining a healthy body in a natural way. It is safer and more effective that any synthetic product. Herbs have the capacity to stimulate growth of hair and prevent hair loss. They are effective in their action and can give you wonderful results if used [...]

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Hair care for Afro American hair

If you have Afro American style curl hair then you must take special care of your curls. Afro American hair tends to be generally dry, hence it needs extra moisturising. Hence one should only choose hair care products that are best suited for Afro American hair. To start with use [...]

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