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Curly Hair Care — How To Give Your Hair Extra TLC At Home

During these crazy times, we are obliged to stay at home as much as possible. Most establishments are closed until further notice, and that includes our favorite salons. Although curly hair care is essential (at least to us), we can’t exactly go to our hairstylist for health and safety [...]

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7 Must-Try Tips For Growing Natural Hair

Having trouble growing your natural hair?  Does everybody else seem to grow hair quicker compared to you? You're not alone in your struggle. Many women have hair that seems very difficult to grow due to the diversity of hair textures and styling manners. Some have strong curls that [...]

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Introducing the Cashmere + Caviar Collection

Introducing CURLS Cashmere and Caviar Collection If you are the average…. run of the mill… cookie cutter…. basic chick, this collection if NOT for you. But if you are NOT the average CURLista, well welcome home!  Introducing CURLS Cashmere Collection, especially for YOU! Fit the bill?  Then you will absolutely [...]

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There Are a Few Things You Can Do To Protect Your Curls When Traveling. Do You Know Them?

         Traveling for many miles on the airways can leave you feeling thirsty, fatigued, and sweaty; all symptoms of jet lag.  That is due to one contributing force; dehydration.  Do you know that the humidity levels inside the aircraft begin around 12% and in flight decrease to roughly 2% [...]

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Curls at Nzuri Natural Hair Event Houston TX, Dec 8-9 2012

Ladies of Houston, Texas the 4th annual Nzuri Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Festival is less than 1 month away! Join us for shopping, competitions, showcase, workshops, and lots of FREE products for naturally curly hair!! This year's show is at The Reliant Center in Houston, TX on December 8th [...]

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Curly Hair Care Products

Curly hair is considered a sign of beauty. It has become a latest trend and women are using different techniques to get curls if they do not have them naturally. Women who have naturally curly hair should consider themselves lucky. Thus, you need to use effective methods and techniques for [...]

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Winter Hair Care – 2

If you are losing hair excessively, then you can consider the option of undergoing a hair loss surgery. Hair grows with a natural alignment. If you do not have hair growth for a considerable amount of time, then you can think of going in for a surgery. The surgeons will [...]

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Winter Hair Care

The harsh wintry weather is not good news for your curls. No matter how much you hide your hair under a woolly hat, your mane is bound to get affected. So you need to take extra care of your hair during winter. There are certain kinds of fabric that can [...]

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Hair Care

If you have curly hair, then you need to take extra care to keep it tamed. The most important step is to find a good stylist and then build up a rapport with him. There can be many variations of curly hair. So it is up to the stylist to [...]

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