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7 Must-Try Tips For Growing Natural Hair

Having trouble growing your natural hair?  Does everybody else seem to grow hair quicker compared to you? You're not alone in your struggle. Many women have hair that seems very difficult to grow due to the diversity of hair textures and styling manners. Some have strong curls that [...]

2020-05-28T01:20:06-06:00By |Curly Hair Tips|0 Comments

Massage To Relax Your Scalp

Your scalp can benefit immensely from a good hair massage as the massage stimulates the flow of blood. The stimulated flow of blood helps feeding the hair follicles. This prevents the loss of hair to a great extent. A good massage can also help in the natural growth of curly hair. [...]

2019-10-25T07:12:37-06:00By |Hair basics|3 Comments
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