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Curly Hair Types: 4 Different Ways of Refreshing Your Curls

We all want frizz-free and bouncy hair that’s full of life.  A  great hair day, after all, contributes a lot to our confidence. But sometimes our perfectly styled curls can betray us early in the morning, especially when they look misshapen or limp when we get out of bed! [...]

5 Need-to-Know Tips on Trimming Curly Hair

With everything going on in our lives, it’s getting harder to catch up with time-consuming salon appointments. Plus, it can be costly to get your hair cut by a professional, especially if you’ve put yourself on a tight budget. So what do you do when trimming curly hair is [...]

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Curly Hair Care — How To Give Your Hair Extra TLC At Home

During these crazy times, we are obliged to stay at home as much as possible. Most establishments are closed until further notice, and that includes our favorite salons. Although curly hair care is essential (at least to us), we can’t exactly go to our hairstylist for health and safety [...]

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OMG, What Happened to My Curls? 5 Reasons Why Curl Types Change!

OMG, What Happened to My Curls? 5 Reasons Why Curl Types Change! By Tiffani Douglas   One day your curls are beautiful and bouncing…and the next day, your curls are a hot mess! Say what now? It’s not your imagination, sometimes your curl pattern really does change and there are [...]

Want More from Your Hair Products? We Got You!

Want More from Your Hair Products? Let CURLS Take You to Another Level! Want more from your current hair care regimen?  We have your CURLS' desire!  Introducing CURLS Blueberry and Coconut Hair Milk - one of the new signature items from CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection.  The Blueberry and Coconut [...]

How to Rock the Hair Bonnet…. or Not!

Is the Bonnet Hot, or Not? The verdict is in!  CURListas have a LOT to say about whether or not they rock the hair bonnet or NOT!  Check out this week's #frizzfreeCURLSchat on our CURLS @frizzfreecurls Instagram Page here.   It's amazing what a HAUTE topic the hair bonnet is!  Let's take [...]

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How to Utilize Water for Hair Growth

Are You Taking in Enough Water CURLista? I bet you could use a little more!  Did you know that the adult body consists of up to 70% water?  Therefore to maintain a healthy body, adequate water is necessary for every bodily function.  Aim for at least 1 gallon of water [...]

Learn How to Slay Your Hair Growth Journey

Learn How to Slay Your Hair Growth Journey Ready to take your hair growth to another level? You can!  There are REAL methods that can put your growth journey on acceleration.  Starting with your daily diet!  Is is super hard to work in all of your nutrition on a daily [...]

Learn How to Utilize the Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamin and FAQs

Learn How to Utilize the Blissful Lengths Liquid Vitamin and FAQ's The wait is OVA!  You NOW have your Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamin at your fingertips, so let's get this show on the road.  What show?  The strengthen and grow, healthy hair show!  By taking your daily dose of blissful [...]

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