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Green is the New Black:The Green Collection

Green is the New Black! By Sess Cannon Green really is becoming the Black! You know that means right? We are getting more and more woke sis! We as people are really getting in tune to what we are allowing into our body’s and even into our space. The green [...]

Introducing the Cashmere + Caviar Collection

Introducing CURLS Cashmere and Caviar Collection If you are the average…. run of the mill… cookie cutter…. basic chick, this collection if NOT for you. But if you are NOT the average CURLista, well welcome home!  Introducing CURLS Cashmere Collection, especially for YOU! Fit the bill?  Then you will absolutely [...]

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How to Care for Different Hair Types in the Home?

How to Accommodate Different Hair Textures in the Home?  Most families have multiple hair types within the family and it can be a nightmare trying to find one product line to support the differences.  A recent article from National Geographic suggests that most Americans will look similar to how multi-ethnic or [...]

Short and Curly Styles that are PERFECT for the Summer!

  @itsdaynadane Short and Curly Styles that are perfect for the summer!   It’s time to get into the spirit of the summer. Are you ready to rock your short curly hair styles? Whether you wear a TWA ( teeny, weeny afro), a tapered fro or a simple [...]

CURLS Products Work Well with Color Treated Hair

  CURLS Products Work Well with Color-Treated Hair The hottest hair trends for all textures includes hair color this season.  Bright reds, golden browns and everything in between can be seen on straight-haired and curly-haired women alike!  This season it will be hard to resist changing your hair color in [...]

The Blueberry Collection, NOW at Target!

  It’s a Celebration for CURListas! The Blueberry Collection Comes to Target   CURListas have wondered, asked, hoped and begged and now, finally the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly and Twist N Shout Crème will be accessible at select Target Stores!   It’s official; starting NOW, you can visit select [...]

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