Some basic reasons for having dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair are over shampooing, excessive perming, excessive coloring, frequent blow drying and so on. If you expose your hair to extremes of weather, then also you can expect to lose your hair or have unhealthy locks.

If you have extensively dry hair, then it is better not to use shampoo too frequently as it strips the essential oils too. Use a thick conditioner to keep your curls hydrated. You can also opt for a leave in conditioner. Dry your hair naturally as often possible. Blow drying should be avoided as long as possible.

Try and save your tresses from harsh rays of the sun or too much wind. Chlorine is very harmful for your hair. You must rub a little olive oil on your hair before you get into the pool. Wear a rubber cap to protect your hair better. Beer is a wonderful potion to give your hair health and shine. You can spray it into your hair after you have a wash and then style your hair. The smell disappears very fast so you need not worry.