Learn How to Style Your Curly Mini-Me?



School has begun in most parts of the world and I am sure we got our little one’s through the first couple of weeks of school with fresh tresses, right?  Great start!  But, let’s be honest here; keeping their hair up to par for the first few days of school is not the hardest part. It’s actually after the first few weeks of school that we start to “fall off” of the optimal hair care regimen we’ve set for ourselves and our children. Am I right about it?  Can I get an amen?

Even though the payoff for staying disciplined is oh, so worth it, sometimes it just takes a little support. So here we are!  Your CURLS hair care gurus, at your service!   Here is a little bit of motivation, coupled with a few hair care tips to get us ALL to stay on the right track with the best in hair care and styling for the mini-me’s!



First and Foremost

Remember that what you do today WILL have everything to do with the results of tomorrow. While your little one is young and “green”, the habits currently formed will be the one’s they take with them into adulthood. So, if your current pattern is to hang on to the hair care bandwagon for two weeks and then fall off for 4 weeks before getting back on schedule, that is the exact pattern your little persons will find themselves doing when they go off to college!

So let’s be proactive early on! We’ve got this! Here are three tips from your trusted mommy CURLfriends:

Tip #1 – Clean Hair is the Foundation of Healthy Hair

* Regular cleansing is a MUST for your mini-me!  With such active lifestyles, children tend to sweat and produce excessive amounts of sebum (or scalp oil) which is great for the hair, however an over abundance can wreck havoc on the scalp and lead to scalp irritation and can even lead to more dreadful tangles!  You don’t need that!  Cleanse with a gentle cleanser to wisk away the dust and debris. Apply your Curly Q’s Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream directly to the scalp and work your way down, from root to tip. Then, proceed to condition with an organic based conditioner.

Tip #2 – Condition, Condition, Condition…


*In other words, ALWAYS condition, especially after cleansing your little one’s precious threads.  A high quality conditioning formula provides the hair with an additional supply of moisture and works to preserve the natural health of the hair.  Avoid products with harsh ingredients or “difficult to remove” silicones.  While conditioning, use this optimal opportunity to detangle!  With Curly Q’s Coconut Dream Conditioner drenched throughout the curls, you can use a paddle or detangling brush to clear out the tangles in small sections.  Be sure to start from the ends and work your way upwards, towards the roots, for most effectiveness.

Tip #3 – Seal in the Goodness


*On freshly cleansed and conditioned curls, protect the hair with Curly Q’s Moist Curls Moisturizer!  Top it off with an organic based oil elixir to seal, and trap the moisture into the hair fiber.  This technique of “sealing” in the moisture on a regular basis will relieve your cutie from the threat of dryness and breakage.  Preparing their developing curls, for a lifetime of healthy hair!



Commit to using these few tips with your little one to improve the quality of their hair.  The Curly Q’s products are a great addition to your hair care regimen for many reasons, starting with the SMELL!  The little one’s need to have a pleasurable haircare experience.  This partnered with the slippage the products provide make for a painless experience which, according to your child, is probably the most important part.  You can find CURLS Curly Q’s Collection at www.curls.biz and select retailers, salons and boutiques.  Click here to find a location near you!

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For more information on how to get your hands on the CURLS Curly Q’s Collection for kids, click here!