Most women with curly hair end up wearing their hair in just a pony tail because they cannot manage the frizz. But there are various ways in which you can style your curls in instead sporting a boring pony tail. Before you style your hair, you need to wash your hair with a good shampoo and apply a thick moisturizing conditioner. Conditioning helps to get the knots out of your hair. Dry your hair with a towel.

Then apply a little bit of defrizzing serum to your wet curls. This will help in controlling your frizz. If your hair is long then you need to apply more serum. Use a wide toothed comb to take out the knots of the hair. Do it gently as wet hair can break very easily. Once this is done, you can use an alcohol free styling hair gel to style your curls. Scrunch your hair and hold your hands tightly till it is set. Once done, just flip your head back and let the hair air dry. You are now ready to go.