You can have great curls provided you have the proper styling tools with you. A strong flat brush having wide plastic or metal bristles can do wonders. With this, you can easily tackle rigid tangles and knots. The tips of the bristles must be coated so that your scalp is properly protected. The bristles must be very strong as curls can be really thick. You must also keep a good diffuser handy. A diffuser is basically a plastic attachment that attaches itself on to the rear of your hair dryer. The larger the diffuser, the better for you. A diffuser maintains the high heat that is required to style your hair while “circulating” the force of the air that comes out of the dryer. This prevents the air from thrashing your curls around and spoiling them before they start forming.

You must also not brush curls once they start drying. Also you must abstain from shaking out your curls. You must, as a rule, ensure that you touch your curls as less as possible. You must brush your hair only when it is wet. If you have the time to dry them your curls naturally, then nothing like it. If you are using a dryer, them you must flip your head over completely.

To complete your styling process, pick some good quality styling products for curls. Combination of right technique and products will surely enable you to style it well