Short, Sassy and Natural: Tips for Caring for and Styling Short Curly Hair

By Tiffani Douglas

Styling short curly hair can be a daunting task if you don’t know how or are new to short hair. Many curl girls get a serious reality check when they do the big chop and realize that they took no time to consider what their hair would look like or what style they would wear in the end. Truth is, there are a lot of great styles you can wear with short curly hair, but you must take some steps in deciding what styles are good for you.


Curly hair care, although challenging, doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. Short curly hair is fun and cool especially during the summer months, and taking the time to learn about your hair and how to properly care for it is the foundation for rocking fabulous short styles. So check out these hair care tips for styling and caring for your short curly hair.


Learn your curl pattern. One of the best things you can do as part of your curly hair care is learn about what kind of curls you have. Some curl patterns require a little more TLC than others to bring out the best curl definition, but all curls need a lil help to really pop, so apply Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Jelly to keep curls in place, frizz-free and hydrated.


Get a good haircut. After you’ve completely transitioned or commenced the big chop, you need some flava’! Just because you’ve gone natural doesn’t mean your hair shouldn’t be cut and styled. With short hair, your cut IS your style! Additionally, a good haircut will help you maintain hair healthy. But before making any decisions, consult with your stylist to see what style is right for you. In the meantime restore, protect and continue to grow your hair with Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil.


Use good products. Half the battle of maintaining beautiful naturally curly hair is using good products. Products laden with chemicals can damage and weigh your hair down, but all of CURLS curly hair products are organic and infused with natural ingredients that help your hair grow and thrive no matter what growth stage you are in. Great products make a huge difference in your curly hair care.


Protect daily. Conditioning only on wash days is a no-no in the curly hair care process. Curly hair tends to dry out faster than other hair textures because of its spiral nature. One hit wonder moisturizing, that is once per week or every two weeks conditioning treatments, might not always make it all the way down to moisturze the entire hair shaft, therefore it is important to moisturize daily with a leave-in conditioner like Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner before styling.


Deep Cleanse.  When short hair is weighted down with build-up from old product, it can be difficult to style and bring out your beautiful natural curl pattern. To wash away impurities that might be weighing it down, cleanse your hair regularly. Shampoos that contain sulfates are harsh and can dehydrate your curls and scalp miserably.  To avoid dryness, it is recommended that girls with curls use sulfate-free cleansers like Cashmere+Caviar Hair Bath as part of their curly hair care regimen. It’s not harsh, will not dry out the hair and removes product build up.


Deep condition. Deep conditioning at least every two weeks is important for keeping your hair and scalp hydrated and healthy. Short hair dries out very fast so it is important that you keep the hair shaft, scalp and new growth nourished. Cashmere+Caviar Hair Masque-Deep Conditioner is great for deep conditioning, promoting hair growth and healthy scalp.


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