Now many women prefer having short hairstyles. Short hair is easy to manage and is also very comfortable. It needs minimal care. Short hair have very little chances of getting messed up. If you wash long hair, then it takes ages to dry naturally. But with short hair you can just use a gel and you are ready to go. Even if you think that gel will not suit you, you can simply dry it with a towel and you are ready to go.

Another popular short hair style is the bob. Maintaining a bob might become very difficult if you have curly hair. The solution is straightening your hair and then going in for a bob. The messy look is in now. If you have short hair, then you can just wake up in the morning and ruffle your hair and you are ready to go. Short hairs with bangs are also very popular.

The best part with short hair is that it looks different everyday and needs minimal care. Short hair never goes out of fashion. The only problem with short hair is when you start growing your hair long. It becomes shapeless and unmanageable.