If you really want to prevent hair loss, then you need to take care of your curls. There can be a variety of reasons why you are losing your hair. You need to make sure that your hair gets the right nutrients that it requires. You need to have a balanced diet to ensure your locks are healthy. You also need to take care of cleanliness of your hair. Your scalp must be clean from any dirt or grime. Excess dirt will prevent the nutrients to get absorbed as it will form a layer on the cuticles.

You must not comb hair when it is wet. Wet hair is prone to breakage. It is best to dry your hair naturally. Blow drying regularly weakens your cuticles and tends to loss of hair. Avoid using too many styling products on your hair. Some of them might contain very strong chemicals that cause major damage to your hair. Curly hair is prone to dryness. It is important for you to use conditioner generously in order to keep your scalp moisturized.