Ready to Be Fearless and Step Up Your #BossMoves?

Meet Denise Hamilton of @WatchHerWorkTv

Ladies, have you ever had a “sitchy” in the workplace and was not sure what to do?  If you have worked for more than 5 years in corporate America, or otherwise,  I am sure you have experienced a few situations!   Did you know what to do?  Did you need help? Would a mentor been a bit helpful?  Then there are some of you who are new to the workforce.  What if you experienced something you had no preparation for?  Would you know what to do?  Let’s all head over to to get the answers to all of our work related questions from THE female perspective.

The Owner and Founder of this amazing platform was a guest in our Instagram Live #BossMoves Series, this week.  This  series airs each Tuesday at 12:00 CST on @CURLS Instagram Page and is focused on empowering women by sharing with you other women who are raising the bar to women of color. Let’s celebrate Black History by honoring these women by tuning in and then taking it even further by allowing yourself to be empowered.  You will leave ready to put yourself out there, be better and live out our own purpose in life.

Meet Denise Hamilton!

According to Denise,” I have the best job in the world – curating female brilliance!  We are all told to get a mentor but very few of us have one, someone to talk about the problems you really have.  If you cry in the middle of a staff meeting at work, you don’t want to call the hotshot mentor they give you… So, I created a place where there is no fear, where you can get the answers to the questions you need answers about negotiating severance and asking for a raise. @WatchHerWorktv has real women to tell you what they really did and what their results really were.”

Of course after hearing what she did, we researched her even further to discover the benefits of hearing this information from the female perspective.  We were astonished.  Some of the topics of the platform include, entrepreneurship, family, relationships, career advice and more.  This is a one stop shop for women!!

Our hostess Ashley Empowers dove in to learn more about the platform by asking specific questions.

Here are a few of the highlights!

#1. How do you pick the experts to share on WatchHerWork?

Denise: I feel I had a cheat sheet. I have been an executive for over 25 years and thee women were a part of my circle and friends of their circle and so on.  It is something that I am eternally grateful for, they were the network I could call and say what do you think about this and  what is the best way to do that?  That is why I started watch her work.  It’s important to me that we democratize access to information.  There are only a few of us that break through the glass ceiling and that is not enough.  We all have to win and must not be afraid to ask for what we are worth.

#2. How did you get started?

Denise: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Master’s in Communication.  I learned that social work helps people that are sometimes not ready to be helped and so I switched to communication because those people are ready for a change. That was my group and those were my people.  If you and I can lock arms…. I am your girl.  I have done many things.  I went into Marketing for AOL, spent time in film and television production and got to be in front of camera and behind the scenes and I did Commercial Real estate also.  I have been the only African American or the only woman in my different arenas which has helped me in WatchHerWork.  Additionally I was co-founder of Jones Magazine.

3. Have you always had this “boldness” about you?

Denise: As you can see, I do what I want to do.  I take the leap and I jump.  If it’s interesting and I want to do it, I do it.  How careful can you really be in life?  You have to take risks now.  You can’t have the rewards if you don’t take the risks.  I have been in incredible situations because I said yes!  And I learned that you won’t break!  If you have fortified yourself with skills and attitude and relationships, JUST TRY IT!

I became BOLD when I started looking scientifically at things.  I looked around me to see what successful people were doing. Success leaves clues and one of the clues was that they took these risks and didn’t see fear as an enemy.  I don’t see fear as an enemy but it is a part of the process. It is like breathing, or having to go to the bathroom.  I feel it, but it is part of it.  What could you do that is great that you wouldn’t be afraid of! Once I made that decision and realization that this is a part of the game, I am realized, I am not going to die.

As women, we are treated differently than boys, we are taught to be perfect and boys are taught to be brave.  If you have a 2 year old and the 4 year old that fall of the monkey bars we would treat them differently. For a boy, we check for mortal wounds and dust him off.  We sometimes baby our girls and ask her to sit with mommy, or offer a cookie. We don’t even realize that we are teaching the girls to be fragile.  Women are not fragile, we have BABIES!!!!!! We are the baddest thing on they planet.  We are tough, we are powerful and incredible.  But we are taught to be perfect. Never to step out of place, clothes must be perfect…  Nothing you want to do can be done through a filter of perfectionism or in a state of stress.

4. How can one overcome fear?

Denise: Regarding fear, we must overcome.  When I speak, especially to young women, I am always struck that there are people who want to talk to me and 60% of them say they want to start something but they are really nervous – afraid of other people being critical and harsh.  And I say that no one starts at an A+. Everyone starts at a D then C-, and then B+ and one day it gets to an A+.  That’s the journey.  When facing fear, you just have to GO!  That’s it, just go!  You cannot practice in your head how to be amazing. YOU have to put it into the world, build it in the world.  I think about CURLS for example.  It didn’t start with the success it’s had, it built relationships with customers. She sought feedback and responded to that.  That is part of process, but what if she was afraid to try….She overcame them and now look at this incredible community that we  are enjoying around the world.   You have to accept the idea of pushing through!!! I don’t know if you driven through a horrible rainstorm.  Our instinct is to stop and pull over but if you keep going you will get on the other side of it.

People always tell me that I get so much media coverage and ask what am I doing.  I am moving and people will see you moving. People see you moving and will come out of the woodwork and they will want to work with you.  So JUST MOVE!

These three questions are just a taste of the magic that happened with our #BossMoves series on Tuesday.  If you missed this one, you missed OUT!  But that’s okay, we have more of CURLS #BOSSMOVES every Tuesday at 12:00 CST!  Follow @CURLS on Instagram, mark your calendars, and TUNE IN!