Ready to Be Empowered and Step Up Your #BossMoves?

Well, here’s your chance!  Tune in weekly to CURLS Black Women in Business #BossMoves Series on @CURLS Instagram Live every Tuesday in the month of February at 12:00 CT. This is just a simple way to rub shoulders with a black, female business woman (like yourself)!  If you have ever looked at other successful women and wondered how they got where they are, this is the perfect place for you to absorb the entrepreneurial genius behind these #EMPOWERED female brand owners!  Our first up was Amy Hampton, owner of Sociologie Wine, a brand of delicious, refreshing wine made with natural ingredients to make your tastebuds smile!

We sat down with the brain behind the beauty and was left feeling open, honest and truly motivated on the deepest level, to get out there and do what we do, while remaining down-to-earth and most importantly; humbled.  Our Tuesday Chat, moderated by empowerment specialist @AshleyEmpowers spoke to the power of vision by asking questions like:

1. Is your current reality the product of your vision?

2. What experiences helped shape your current experience?

3. How do you incorporate the family equation into your experience?

And soon many more!

Here is what we learned from Amy Hampton:

#1: The Hustle is REAL!

Put yourself in the shoes of Amy when she looks back at her incredible start in the wine business. She shared about ” … being a late 20-something, newly-wed when I started this journey of waking up at 4 am and loading my 35.7 lb boxes of Sociologie Wine onto my truck and hand delivering them to different stores in Texas.  I had accounts with Spec’s Fine Wine and Spirits, Pinkies, Goody Goody and Sigel’s at the time and would leave from Dallas, get a Red Bull, some chocolate and some Cheetos.  Then I would drive to distribute, deliver presentations, prepare PowerPoints, complete monthly TABC audits and still host in-store tastings and demos on the weekends on top of creating marketing materials with branded items like recipe cards and business cards. As well as manage my social media and taking phone calls! Eventually I grew to have a small team to support the work load, but I HAD TO HUSTLE.”

#2: The Other Side of  Entrepreneurship

According to Hampton, ” People aren’t talking about the real behind the scenes.”  So in her segment with CURLS, she gave it to us RAW by sharing some of her experience, including the true facts that most “up and coming” entrepreneurs are not fully aware of.  Hampton shares that,” It’s a PUSH and PULL everyday.”  With so many choices on how to spend your time in 2018, it is evident that successful business women have to make critical decisions all day, everyday.  Decisions like whether or not to answer each email or stay on top of Direct Messages on social media for example. In relation to vision, Hampton made it very plain to us, the viewers, that we should follow her advice when she says, ” You must hold to your vision and your light, and smile!”  This message was inspired by the poet Langston Hughes who shared,” Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

#3 There are times when Oprah meets Jackie O, and Claire Huxtable! #TRUTH

Amy Hampton put it this way,”  If you are selfish, you will not make it as an entrepreneur!  It’s not about the CONQUER, it’s about the CHARACTER!!!” These gems flowed like honey, when we spoke about the role the family plays in this entrepreneur situation as she calls it.  ” Being a mom and wife is VERY different, than being a business owner.  Your husband wants you to be Jackie O, your daughter wants you to be Claire Huxtable, but your business requires you to be Oprah.  What the public does not always see are the many impactful sacrifices, the intense amount of time, energy, communication and thoughtful decisions that Oprah had to make to design her best life, global brand and amazing team to support her vision.” Jackie O at times had to sacrifice  EVERYTHING to support her husband and Claire Huxtable was a fabulous fictional character that worked 8-5 and was EVERYTHING to her five children.  Today’s entrepreneur is putting together a KPI dashboard, making sure her baby’s edges are together, and her’s too!  She wears jeans, she answers texts and emails in carpool line, then fights rush hour traffic to rush home to cook a semi-healthy dinner for her family and still strives to live an impactful multi-dimensional life.”  It was here that led us to ask, ” Can you have it all?” Hampton summed it up very simply with, ” You can have it all in ways, but you’re constantly communicating, adapting and triaging… #triage.”

And with that, the viewers became empowered women – ready to conquer the world with character, resilience, creativity and HUSTLE! Thank you Amy!!!!

Are you feeling empowered?  After hearing that, you can only level up your #BossMoves moving forward!  So get to work and reap the benefits of a strong vision like Amy Hampton’s.  Ready for more?  The #BossMoves series continues each Tuesday afternoon at 12:00 CT on the @CURLS Instagram Live.  Join us next week, February 13th with Denise Hamilton, owner of WatchHerWork!

See you soon! 

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