your quiz results are in.... and you have
What exactly does this mean?

Your gorgeous hair is categorized as VERY CURLY! Your hair is special, and it is very densely packed. Because of this, you’ll need to support the fuller volume without weighing it down, while also keeping your curly  follicles moisturized and defined! Since sebum from the scalp doesn’t have a direct highway down the lengths due to the obstruction from ringlets, oil doesn’t get distributed as evenly. This gorgeous hair type gives you TONS of different ways to style it!

you have Medium/Normal porosity hair!

Hair porosity is determined by your hair’s ability to absorb and hold onto moisture. Your Normal Porosity hair type receives and maintains moisture readily. Therefore, you can follow a foundational hair care regimen.

Sample Hair Care Regimen:
– Cleanse no less than once per week.
– Deep condition after cleansing and rinse with cool water. (Using a heated cap is optional)
– Apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner after deep conditioning and multiple times throughout the week.
– Always use an oil after applying your moisturizing leave in conditioner to seal in the moisture.
– Style as usual using your preferred CURLS styler.

but... what's Your biggest problem?

Your biggest problem is your hair shrinkage! Have you ever found yourself doing your hair and getting SO excited because it’s going to look so good? And then it dries.. and shrinks. Although this is a perfectly healthy response and shows that your hair is high in elasticity, it can be frustrating! And did we mention, there’s a way for your curls to be PERFECTLY HEALTHY and ALSO not shrink when it dries? Good thing you took this quiz! We’ve put together a very special and custom regimen to reduce shrinkage in those gorgeous curls of yours.

Here is your personalized hair care regimen
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