your quiz results are in.... and you have
What exactly does this mean?

Your gorgeous hair is categorized as CURLY! Now that you know, you’ll be able to shop for products that were created to specifically work well with your specific hair type. Those gorgeous curls of yours are sought after by many, trust us. We’re in the curly hair business.

you have High porosity hair!

Hair porosity is determined by your hair’s ability to absorb and hold onto moisture. This hair type takes in moisture at a rapid rate, but can also lose moisture just as readily. Therefore moisturizing and sealing in the moisture is key!

Sample Hair Care Regimen:
– Pre-poo by adding a CURLS Oil blend to your hair 30 minutes before cleansing.
– Cleanse no less than once per week.
– Deep condition after cleansing and rinse with cool water. (Using a heated cap or hair steamer is optional.)
– Rinse the hair with the Green Collection Green Tea Hair Rinse to balance the pH.
– Apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner after rinsing and use daily for moisture.
– Always use an oil after applying your moisturizing leave in conditioner to seal in the moisture.
– Style as usual using your preferred CURLS styler.

but... what's Your biggest problem?

Your biggest problem is that your hair is frizzy! Isn’t it frustrating to spend time getting your hair in the perfect style, only to have to spend just as much time trying to de-frizz that ONE stubborn area? We get it. We do. Did you know that frizzy hair doesn’t necessarily mean your hair is damaged? Frizzy hair can actually be perfectly natural! However, for those times you’d rather make sure those gorgeous curls are a little less frizzy, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a personal regimen for naturally frizzy and curly hair, just like yours!

Here is your personalized hair care regimen
Step 1: cleanse

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Step 2: condition

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Step 3: moisturize

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Step 4: style

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