Some of us are obsessed with our hair. We can go to any extent to ensure that our hair is in good shape. But a majority of people are careless about it. They are so much caught up with the daily rigors of life that they do not find any time to take care of their hair. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your hair healthy.
•    There are certain foods that are best to avoid like chocolates, cakes and sweets. Instead replace these harmful foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. They provide health to both your body and hair.
•    Avoid using shampoo everyday. After all they are chemicals that are harmful to your curls. For curly hair, the more you shampoo, the frizzier it becomes. Excessive shampoo strips your hair of essential oils. It dries your scalp and leaves it frizzy. Curls are prone to frizz. If you dry it up further with shampoo, then your frizz will become unmanageable. You can wash your hair with cold water everyday. You can also apply a leave in conditioner if you want.
•    Let your hair dry naturally. Do not use hair dryers too often. You must also avoid combing wet hair as it more prone to damage.

Your hair defines your face. So it is essential that you take proper care of it.