Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste (1)Falling Edges is a sad truth that many face.  For most, our edges grew frail as children, often wearing tight braids or ponytail styles.  Today, start protecting your edges. We’ll help you learn how.

With so many styling options to choose from today, it can be very tempting to try styles that we know our hair cannot withstand.  Options include: Marley Twists, Shingle Braids, Senegalese twists, and so much more, but have you considered that some styles could lack support therefore compromising the strength of your hair?


When choosing which styles to wear, remember that most hairstyles require support to maintain itself. Styles with a lot of support include smooth cornrows and flat twists utilizing organic curly hair products.   These styles have plenty of strands along the length of the braid, providing maximum support.  A less supportive style would be the individual braids and twists.  While braids and twists can be very beneficial to the hair in providing much needed styling breaks, extremely small extensions rely on only 3-4 strands of hair therefore causing breakage. Similarly, a regular sized braid with up to 20 strands of hair, when paired with a bulky extension does not provide adequate support.  Choose a style that will not put excessive tension on your hairline, as this is the most delicate area of the body of hair.


It is wise to consider the strength of your hair and to choose styles that to not stretch the hair beyond what it can bear.  Without enough elasticity, when pulled taught, your hair will snap.  Such is the case with ponytails or Afro puffs.  Be also aware of adding extensions with a contrasting hair texture, which could cause damage to your strands? Remember when you learned about tying your hair up at night to prevent the friction between your hair and bed threads, well the same notion applies.  Tying your hair up in a silk wrap ensures your hair is rubbing against a friendly texture.  When adding extensions, it is best to choose a compatible hair texture that will not compromise the strength of your hair and also choose styles that have built in support rather than relying on your hairline to support the style.


Finally, when you are still in the process of growing and repairing your edges, style your hair in loose styles and use organic curly hair products to hold your hair in place to give the effect of neat, and orderly without the strain.  A perfect cocktail is the award winning CURLS Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste.